Monday, January 7, 2013

How to look like $385 for just $17!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoe Laces from Italy!

For two months I lusted after these oxfords I had stumbled upon on

Not one of the numerous Nordstroms in my city carried them, so I'd have to order them online.

You know how people use credit cards that accumulate airline miles? Well, I use a Nordstroms credit card to accumulate Nordstroms Bucks. Whatever I buy, anywhere, earns me new shoes or a new purse. When I buy a BBQ from Home Depot or a 25,000 mile car tune-up at Toyota, visions of Kate Spade or Coach dance before my eyes.  I guess you'd say I'm a Nordstroms "frequent flyer." (I love that their stuff lasts forever and that they alter clothing for free - which comes in handy when you're petite and barely over 5 feet tall.) 

Back to my story.

For a couple of months, I watched and admired these beauties from afar. Then one magical day, a $40 Nordstroms Bucks check arrived in the mail.  I ran to my computer and moved my beloved shoes from my "wish list" into my shopping bag and clicked "check out." 

My computer rang as it flashed an email alert from Nords. My shoes were on their way!

A few days later by new Boemos oxfords arrived. I carefully opened the carton and gently lifted out the box containing my new treasure. Uh, oh. The box looked like it had been rescued from the Titanic -- not like it had been resting on a shelf at Nordstroms. My heart raced. Did it contain two left feet or two different sizes? I carefully removed the rubber band and lifted off the top.

The shoes appeared to be OK and they fit perfectly. And WOW, in person, they looked just like their picture.  I rummaged through the box for the laces. NO LACES! No laces?

I dialed Nordstroms' 800 number and rattled off my sob story. A compassionate, kind woman comforted me and promised to call me back after she found a set of laces.

On hour later, my phone rang. "I'm sorry, Didi, there are no more pairs of your shoes available," she said. "The buyer left a message for the manufacturer to see if they'll send you some laces. It might take a couple of weeks, but I'll keep in touch with you and let you know what happens one way or another." 

I gazed fondly at my new shoes. I had nothing to lose. None of my favorite online shoe haunts carried them. I crossed my fingers and waited.

A week later,  my Nordstroms helper called again -- they were still looking. I began to lose hope.

Another week passed; she called again, "Didi, the manufacturer will be sending your Boemos laces directly to your home."

I gazed at my lace-less shoes. "Soon," I whispered.

THE NEXT DAY, FedEX came with a sweet little package from Firenze, Italy. I kissed my shoes, laced them up and we lived happily ever after.

Coincidentally, we're visiting Firenze (Florence) later this year to see all the paintings, sculptures and architecture I studied in art history classes. I wonder how many Nordsroms bucks I'll earn from my trip to Italy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can't wait to see this in person.

I ordered this today and can't wait to see what it looks like in person.

Now, if I can only find a handbag I not only want but can afford. (Afford is the key word.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Guide Part 2

At our house, in addition to larger gifts, we give little gifts that amuse us or solve a unique problem. Here are more of my favorite clever, fun, useful or whimsical gift suggestions.

Your beloved iPhone needs its own special resting place.  This clever non-slip Plug-In Charging Shelf holds and charges a mobile phone, digital camera or MP3 player. The rotating plug fits outlets in either a vertical or horizontal direction and works with both two- and four-outlet plates. $14.99 ea

Pantone Mini Mugs
These PMS mini mugs are promoted for "the designer" on your list, but I think anyone who loves color and clean design will love this set of four mini 7 oz (207 ml) mugs in Rose 221 C, Sunset 137 C, Ultra Violet 2745 C, and Caterpillar 376 C. $44.99

I bought a set of these couplers a few years ago and use them all the time.  Save that last bit of lotion, shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. To use, screw the coupler onto the bottle you want to empty, then screw the bottle you're filling into the other side of the coupler.  Tip upside down. You can also use it to transfer toiletries into small travel bottles.    $2.99

Form and function meet fun and cool in this Tyvek® (the same material as shipping envelopes)  slim and tough wallet. With its two large pockets for cash and receipts, two business card pockets and two expandable credit card pockets, the guy on your list will enjoy this low profile wallet.  He can even write on it with a permanent marker! $14.99 ea

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gift Guide - Part 1

Express your creativity by giving clever, fun, useful or whimsical gifts that elicit wide-eyed oooos, ahhhs and giggles. More holiday gift posts will follow this one that will include more of my favorite finds.  What fun gift ideas have you found this season?

How fun are these drinking straw "eyeglasses?” Perfect for the kid or kid at heart on your list. They're washable in warm, soapy water. $3.99

Moleskine® Cover

I found Molecover when they followed me on twitter.  As a big Moleskines fan, I fell in love with these fine quality natural leather handmade covers.  They’re available in black, tan and white for small and large journals. $45 - $55


Editable but not edible, these adorable memo desk pads feature 150 "slices" of notepaper and include a paper clip place-keeper. $3.99

Friday, October 8, 2010


My take on the new Gap Logo.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Singing and Dancing in the Rain!

I just returned from shopping at Nordstrom.  As I perused the fabulous shoe department (1/4 of the floor at my Nord's), I saw something new.  Smack dab on the aisle was a Hunter Boot display that was made even more colorful with their new boot socks,-- yep, they were specially created to be worn with rain boots.  I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have lots and lots of wet weather and therefore many opportunities to wear rain boots.  We've been wearing rain boots long before they were trendy.  Because Nordsrom didn't have the color (black and white/see below) that I wanted I didn't buy a pair (yet), but I think Hunter has a good idea with this product.