Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoe Laces from Italy!

For two months I lusted after these oxfords I had stumbled upon on Nordstrom.com.

Not one of the numerous Nordstroms in my city carried them, so I'd have to order them online.

You know how people use credit cards that accumulate airline miles? Well, I use a Nordstroms credit card to accumulate Nordstroms Bucks. Whatever I buy, anywhere, earns me new shoes or a new purse. When I buy a BBQ from Home Depot or a 25,000 mile car tune-up at Toyota, visions of Kate Spade or Coach dance before my eyes.  I guess you'd say I'm a Nordstroms "frequent flyer." (I love that their stuff lasts forever and that they alter clothing for free - which comes in handy when you're petite and barely over 5 feet tall.) 

Back to my story.

For a couple of months, I watched and admired these beauties from afar. Then one magical day, a $40 Nordstroms Bucks check arrived in the mail.  I ran to my computer and moved my beloved shoes from my "wish list" into my shopping bag and clicked "check out." 

My computer rang as it flashed an email alert from Nords. My shoes were on their way!

A few days later by new Boemos oxfords arrived. I carefully opened the carton and gently lifted out the box containing my new treasure. Uh, oh. The box looked like it had been rescued from the Titanic -- not like it had been resting on a shelf at Nordstroms. My heart raced. Did it contain two left feet or two different sizes? I carefully removed the rubber band and lifted off the top.

The shoes appeared to be OK and they fit perfectly. And WOW, in person, they looked just like their picture.  I rummaged through the box for the laces. NO LACES! No laces?

I dialed Nordstroms' 800 number and rattled off my sob story. A compassionate, kind woman comforted me and promised to call me back after she found a set of laces.

On hour later, my phone rang. "I'm sorry, Didi, there are no more pairs of your shoes available," she said. "The buyer left a message for the manufacturer to see if they'll send you some laces. It might take a couple of weeks, but I'll keep in touch with you and let you know what happens one way or another." 

I gazed fondly at my new shoes. I had nothing to lose. None of my favorite online shoe haunts carried them. I crossed my fingers and waited.

A week later,  my Nordstroms helper called again -- they were still looking. I began to lose hope.

Another week passed; she called again, "Didi, the manufacturer will be sending your Boemos laces directly to your home."

I gazed at my lace-less shoes. "Soon," I whispered.

THE NEXT DAY, FedEX came with a sweet little package from Firenze, Italy. I kissed my shoes, laced them up and we lived happily ever after.

Coincidentally, we're visiting Firenze (Florence) later this year to see all the paintings, sculptures and architecture I studied in art history classes. I wonder how many Nordsroms bucks I'll earn from my trip to Italy.