Product Reviews

Sally Hansen 14-Day Nail Shield

I'm 1 week into testing this product.  For years I wore Solar Nails, but after taking Calcium and Vitamin D, I wanted to see if my nails were stronger so I let them grow out. 

I can't keep nail polish on for more than a couple of days and my nails are still growing out from the Solar Nails, so I thought if this stuff works it might be a good solution.

It's a covering -- like the clear covering you put on your iPhone screen only thinner.  It was easy to apply.  I have a few bubbles, but I'm not sure if they are caused by my rough nails or my lack of experience at applying the product.
So, after a week, I have had no lifting and it has outlasted nail polish.  It says it lasts 2 weeks so we'll see.*

For the cost: around $7, I could buy a bottle of OPI.  But, if it protects my nails while they are growing out, I'll be happy.
Where to buy and more info Sally Hansen.

*Note:  Just polished a nail to see how it does over then next week.