Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Makes Me High! (Part 3 of 5)

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Running clothes have their own form of chic. I live a few miles from Nike (and have run on their campus) so I see a lot of cool people running. Sports apparel companies define their own style. (You won't find polka dot bras or nautical striped running shoes.). But, you can find clothes in fun, stylish colors.

Choose washable, sturdy, clothes that fit well. Think about warmth in cold weather and coolness when it's hot. Even slight discomfort can ruin an otherwise great run.

What to Wear

Your first priorities are comfort and safety. After those needs are met be cute. When I look good, I have a better run. You know how your car runs better when it's clean?

My favorite running attire isn't chic it's functional.


Running shoes are the MOST important components of your running outfit. The ONLY place to buy them is at a running store.Store experts will observe how you run and select shoes that match your feet placements as they hit the ground.

I've worn the same shoe brand for 12 years. My choice: Asics Gel GT 2150 (I'm lusting for a black pair in addition to my white pair). Your running store will suggest how often you should buy new shoes and may suggest that you own two pairs and alternate wearing them.


I wear three different styles of running hats: Head covering caps for average weather or misting rain, visors for warm weather, and fuzzy-warm caps for very cold runs.

During long runs I wear this hat (it has a blinking light on the back - and it's washable)
Brooks NightLife Hat

Visors keep the sun out of your eyes and the hair out of your mouth in warm weather.
Nike Daybreak Visor

Cold weather cap like Outdoor Research Riot Cap
(OK not cool-looking, but you'll be glad you're wearing it.)


No painful bouncing boobies for me. I wear a very supportive bra that can be worn alone when it's hot.


I wear this vest over a jacket or a bra. Its mesh ventilation sides make it cool in the summer and its bright color makes me visible when crossing streets or on paths and sidewalks.


Wear short dri-fit tops over your bra if you prefer to cover-up a little.

Choose a full zipper jacket that can be easily removed and tied around your waist when it's warm.


A perfect outfit is one you never think about while running. Make sure your clothes don't ride up your bottom or slip down your hips.

Cold weather long pants:
Women's Nike Be Strong Pant


Glove liners worn as gloves will keep your hands warm during cold weather. Store them in your waist pack or your jacket pocket.


Hot weather runs are cooler when you wear
WrightSock Running II Low Sock.



I alternate between two waist storage packs.
The Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack for short runs.
It holds your keys, ID, cash and iPhone.

The REI Lode Waistpack is perfect for long runs.
It holds keys, ID, tissues, cash, sunscreen, lip salve, water bottle, iPhone
and earbuds (just in case my bluetooth headphones die).


Fashion sunglasses may bounce around on your face while running. I use prescription sunglasses that hook behind my ears (so I can read the iPhone if needed.)

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