Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Makes Me High! (Part 4 of 5)

AVOIDING INJURIES: Stretches and Weight Training

Running is easy and so is getting injured while running.

Injuries occur from running too far too soon, running too fast, not resting between runs, falling, and being hit by a car or bike.

  • Build up your distance and speed slowly and gradually. Add small increments of distance each week. If you run 2 miles three times a week add distance by increasing one run to 2.5 miles. The next week run 2 miles twice and 3 miles once.

  • Your speed will increase naturally, don't force it. Running downhill is hard on your knees; slow down!

  • Watch where you place your feet. Raised sidewalks, rocks and path/sidewalk depressions are hazards if you don't see them.

  • Stretch AFTER running. When I first started running someone told me to stretch before running. The experts now say to stretch afterward when your muscles are warmed up.

  • Weight training strengthens your muscles and prevents injuries.

More information:

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