Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iPod/iPhone Wardrobe Organizers - Part 1

Often I wake up too early worrying about what to wear "today". I should choose the next day's clothes the previous night but I always forget to.

A few years ago I wanted to create my own wardrobe organizing computer program but I don't know how to code software. Back then I organized my clothes on MS Excel. Yes, yes, I can get a little anal about organizing.

I looked into iPhone/iPod wardrobe organizers so I can virtually create outfits.
With all that said, I've tested four apps for YOU. Today I review two of them: Stylish Girl and Closet. All four apps make wardrobe organizing a "game".

I like the idea of creating many outfits easily by mixing and matching all my pieces without having to try them on. Also, the apps make me more daring with my combos.

If you decide to buy a wardrobe organizing app you'll need to photograph your attire and upload the photos to your iPhone. By downloading photos of new wardrobe pieces before you buy them you can virtually try them with existing outfits.

DDN Media, Inc.

  • Free Has "tags" capability
  • It links to ShopStyle.com to get "wish list" items.

  • Can't Layer Photos (I've gotten just to this with websites like Polyvore)
  • No Calendar



  • You can try it for free. (Upgrade to full version for only $2.99)
  • Includes a calendar


  • Can't Layer Photos (I've gotten just to this with websites like Polyvore)
  • Some photos that fit Stylish Girl are too big for Closet. It should size them to the screen.

Part 2 coming up - I'll review two more apps: Touch Closet and My Fashion Style Assistant.