Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surprise! Land's End Canvas!

I was completely surprised today. When I visited What I Wore to see her photo collection of fashion bloggers wearing Breton Strips, I found a number of bloggers who I hadn't known about including The Good Life for Less . I loved her outfit (follow link to see) and was inspired. I'm a redhead who looks great in golden yellow so I couldn't resist her yellow-gold short trench from Land's End.

I ran down to Sears and ordered one. (Free shipping if you order it at the store.) I was shocked at the vast number of cute and stylish clothes at Land's End. I left with a new purse and three tops. Their stuff used to look and fit like old-lady wear but they've completely redone their sizing and styling. If you like the crisp natuical/casual look, check them out.