Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Merona Shoe Liners

Because it's a casual day at work today, I wored blue and white striped denim pants/jeans and thought of pairing them with Cole Haan slip-on sneaker-loafers (They're more attractive in person and good lighting). They looked great but felt awful; I just don't like bare feet in sneakers.

So instead I opted for red sandals. But, when I arrived at the office I found the package of Merona Shoe Liners from Target I'd purchased to review. They're the perfect solution for this situation; they serve as an invisible lining between your foot and your shoe. I've worn them for a full day and thrown them in the washing machine -- they came out looking brand new. The package contains two sets and runs $7. (I couldn't find them on their website but are in the stocking department in Target stores.