Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPod/iPhone Wardrobe Organizers - Part 2

Yesterday I reviewed two wardrobe management iPhone/iPod apps:Stylish Girl and Closet.

Today, I'll share my experience with
Touch Closet and My Stylist.

First, let me say that I have designed a few iPhone/iPod apps, so I have some knowledge of their capability (although my role was designing the apps' concepts and graphics - I used a programmer to create the actual apps).

Cost: $.99

Touch Closet was easy to use. I like that I can see my outfit visually on one screen. I wish I could size my photos to fit the screen the way I'd like them to. I could only fit four items per screen which left me no room for accessories like purse/jewelry/hat. I love that I can create my own categories and that I can categorize pieces by color. Of the four apps I tested, I will probably use Touch Closet the most.

I recommend Touch Closet because of it's ease of use and quick learning curve. I'd like to see more features and I'd be willing to pay more to be able to size my photos within the program.

Cost: $.99

My Style is the worst app I've ever used. I had to go to the web to enter an activation code, then enter a password on my phone to use the app.

When I entered my outfits, the app insisted that I enter a brand for each piece of clothing. (I entered "none" when I didn't know.) Hello? Some of my clothes are old, why does brand matter? I figure they must be tracking brands to see what their users are buying. If this is true they should NOT charge for the app.

I feel like I wasted $.99. I know that's not a lot of money, but it's gone for nothing. Even if somehow I do not understand how to use the app, that is app's fault. It should be easy and intuitive to use. The instructions say you can adjust your photos, yet that feature did not work. I'm frustrated because I can't figure this thing out.

I absolutely do NOT recommend this app. It looks like if it worked or if I could figure it out, it might be good, but after spending an hour working with it, I couldn't create one outfit.